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Kutnu is a unique thick, woven fabric which is made of cotton and plant based silk which is made from cellulose, it contains no synthetic material. Both its material and the production process are vegan.


The history of Kutnu dates back to 16th century, to the times when Anatolian Seljuks ruled Anatolia. With its bright colors and unique material, Kutnu fabric was an object of desire for the wealthy people of Anatolia and for the sultans of Seljuk and Ottoman Empire. It is a natural fabric type as it contains no synthetic material. It is made by dipping silk into various natural dyes many times, this gives its own unique colors and motifs.


Kutnu’s beautiful natural colors are a gift from mother earth! Colorful plants roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood are being used to dye the fabric. Gold-colored dye not only gives color to the fabric but also provides a natural shine.

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Kutnu fabric is produced only in the beautiful city of Gaziantep, in southeastern Turkey, there are only a few craftsmen left who weave Kutnu fabric. We aim to support their endeavors to maintain the tradition of Kutnu weaving.


While wearing clothes that are made from kutnu was a dream for many stylish Anatolians back then, there are few kutnu artisans left today. What we aim is to bring back this rooted tradition with modern designs.



Abdulkadir Mekki is one of the few artisans left in Gaziantep who still weaves this natural and self-crafted  fabric in the times of  synthetic texile.


Kutnu runs in his blood. His personal family history of Kutnu weaving dates back to the Syrian Seljuk’s era, the knowledge of weaving the fabric passed on from one generation to another . He is the last inheritor of his family who creates mesmerizing patterns and colors.