Inspired by the colorful patterns of nature, we started this Anatolian cultural revival project. Psychetolia aims to empower local women by encouraging their artisanal works.

Based in London, Psychetolia is ready to connect you with ancient arts of local people from generous Mesopotamia to heroic Aegean Sea. We try to blend the traditional fabrics and methods of our ancestors with modern forms and designs of urban aesthetics.


Psychetolia is not only a brand but actually a representation of the complete identity of Anatolian culture with its music, literature, people and values. We want to form a community in which people can enjoy themselves while being introduced to this colorful and remarkable world of Anatolia.

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Vildan and her husband Bircan runs a small tailor shop where we love visiting to work on our designs and share a cup of Turkish coffee.

The true master behind our Kutnu collection. He weaves our fabrics on hand loom picking all the mesmerizing patterns and colors. 


Abdulkadir Mekki

Turkoz Sisters

Kutnu is a delicate fabric which needs skillfulness to sew. Refika and her sister Nurhan are great tailors who create our funky shirts. 

Nazmi Hazır

Nazmiye Hazır

Melis' grandfather Nazmi started tailoring when he was a teenager and he was still very eager to be a part of our project when we asked for a little help with the cushions. 

At the age of 83, Melis' grandmother Nazmiye gives us the inspiration for working and creating. With years of experience in tailoring, she always teaches us new methods. 

Vildan and Bircan

Psychetolia is a proud supporter of Who Made My Clothes campaign.


The campaign aims to raise awareness about the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed through uniting people and organisations to work together so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way. To learn more about this movement, you can click here.

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